Light & Painting

I found a few Artist’s Light works about my presentation.

Miles Toland works is amazing. He show us how the light can control the visual image. He has built several paintings platforms designed as background then he played with lights and color on this painting. As a viewer sits down to take a canvas in, he or she will become entwined with the work. Inspired by the color and light, like Miles Toland want to put you inside my work.

Projections on Paintings by Miles Toland.

He have been exploring the effects of controlled lighting on his paintings. His study began with color changing LED lights that would push and pull certain colors in his paintings to create pulsating mutations. Recently, He has been using video projections for more precise light manipulation and to incorporate audio. This hybridized art form of projecting animations directly on his paintings creates a unique conversation between the static paint and the ephemeral video that invites the viewer into a hypnotic experience. Miles Toland Paintings

Paint LED Art With Philips’ Giant Light Canvas

Named the “Imagination Light Canvas,” the display has 1,420 touch-sensitive pixel elements, letting visitors finger-paint with light. Images persist for a few minutes, and six people can play simultaneously. Paint LED Art

Light Painting

With light painting I am not limited to capturing reality. More examples about the subject. I can create a new reality from scratch, or just highlight the parts you want under the light that I prefer. Alien Skin

Spray Painting With Light Onto An LED Wall With Water Light Graffiti

In 2012 while France was liquefying under the scorching heat wave that swept the country, artist Antonin Fourneau unveiled his interactive installation Water Light Graffiti.  This luminous artwork consists of a surface embedded with thousands of LEDs that light up upon contact with water, thus allowing visitors to create beautiful light frescos with a little help from simple tools like water guns, spray cans, and wet paintbrushes.Spray Painting With Light Onto An LED

Liquid Light

Marion Borgelt is a leading Australian artist with a prodigious career spanning some 30 years. Her work draws inspiration from subjects such as semiotics, language, optics and phenomenology to create atavistic fantasies and mysteries in the forms of painting, sculpture and installation. Her work suggests connections between culture and nature, between the constructed world and the organic world, between microcosm and macrocosm and the duality of light and dark.Marion Borgelt

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